Finding Fall


by Walt Gajewski

September harkens the changing seasons in southeast Michigan as the farmers market here in downtown Farmington casts a reflection of the coming fall. Root vegetables, cool season crops and a full complement of winter squash including all sizes and shapes of pumpkins will have our market tables groaning. Let’s also not forget the many varieties of apples along with freshly made apple cider. Did you know that Michigan, Washington state, and upstate New York annually compete for the nation’s top spot in apple production?

With upwards of 15 Michigan farmers at the Farmington Farmers Market you can count on a cornucopia of locally grown, fresh-off-the-truck fruits and vegetables each and every Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm, through October 27th. It’s important to note that our farmers come from all over southeast Michigan – some are as much as 120 miles apart! In this way, we guarantee that we have produce coming in ‘from somewhere’… as local weather can hamper an individual farm’s production and yield.

As a public market that is free and open to all, the Farmington Farmers Market is also a weekly gathering place that is altogether family friendly. Live music, kid’s activities, cooking demo’s, freshly brewed coffee and Petey’s donut made from scratch right at the market make for a scene that scripts itself as “Saturday life in a Michigan small town…”.

September skies will be the backdrop for special events coming up on the market calendar, starting with September 22nd, as we welcome our biggest market of the season, the “Market of the harvest moon”. According to folklore, the autumnal moon is a foreshadowing that it’s time to collect the harvest in anticipation of a hard frost to come. So, called the Harvest Moon, it is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox.

Known for its alluring brightness at sunset, farmers could count on the light of the moon to work their fields longer, adding to their “harvest”. In Farmington, it’s a family friendly day with as many vendors as we can muster forth…well over 50. Come to find a setting splashed with fall décor, complete with pumpkins, cornstalks, straw bales and dried flowers! Shop for locally butchered grass-fed meat, fresh catch Michigan lake fish, cage-free eggs, pantry goods, artisan wares and more!

September 29th brings the 2nd Annual Italian American Day as we celebrate a “Bella Mercato” enjoying the history, heritage, food, and culture of Italy. Live music, wood-fired pizza ovens, pasta, cannolis and more will delight all who attend….just ask the crowd of over 5,000 that came last year in what turned out to be our biggest market ever! Be sure to stop by our cantina for a glass of vino!

The Farmington Farmers Market is celebrating is the 25th year of community service and is conveniently located at Grand River and Grove Street in the heart of downtown. FREE convenient parking! For more information please visit:


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