Prosperity, Love, and Health are Chasing YOU!!


Happy St Patrick’s day. Do you put your life in the hands of luck? Or, do you believe life is just happening to you? Wouldn’t you like to live and demonstrate a deep cosmic knowing of the prosperity that wants to come to you?

Living Under a Cosmic Knowing.”

~Dr. Michael Beckwith

Prosperity, Love, and Health are Chasing YOU!! As I look into people’s energy fields, I can see the answer and energy waiting to come to them!!! I can also see the core limiting beliefs that are blocking their good. In my work, I help to move the limiting beliefs and unblock the self-sabotaging pattern. However, you can begin to step into greater good right now by choosing to be just a little more open. Be open to more good than you can imagine. Be open to allowing the answer, healing, and prosperity that is seeking you out. Let your blessings catch up with you. Slow down! Open up! You will be amazed at how loved you truly are. The solution, prosperity, and healing is already done. You must make space to let it in.

When the problem is created the solution arises. Just as there are a yin and yang.. a dark and a light… your pain can give rise to great good. Sadness can bring new understandings of empathy. Anger new understandings of self-respect. Tragedy can birth more love within the heart of humanity.

When the water hits the rock, it creates a ripple back.
“and to every action, there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.”
~Isaac Newton

The solution to your health issue, debt, or problem you are facing, has ALREADY been created. You do not live in a vacuum immune to the natural law.

Every issue you are facing has a solution. Be quiet and listen. You ONLY need to get still. However, this is easier said than done. Many of us have raced, chased and lived our lives in a perpetual gerbil wheel for 20,30,50 years. Not believing there is good that wants to come to you, will keep you stuck and chasing the elusive carrot. Acceptance is not complacency. When you are reacting and complaining about your environment, you are in a fight or flight mode. Stop reacting to your environment, accept “what is,” and then open to what wants to emerge. Live and move from a state of resistance and reaction…. and you will re-create your past. Every problem is a new way of thinking waiting to be realized. Opening your mind to greater possibilities, you begin to speak and act in more empowering way.

The solution is within the problem. You must believe to receive. Believing there is good for you… (or a tiny bit of faith) opens you to the good that WANTS to come to you. Nature seeks to emerge, evolve and grow. The universe is growing and expanding. God seeks to express, live and be demonstrated through you. Let go and open to the good that wants to come to you. Homeopathic medicine demonstrates that the antidote is within the poison. Poisonous plants have the energetic antidote within them. Arsenic in crude form gives someone fatigue and heart attack. Homeopathic Arsenic supports the heart and treats fatigue. You cannot separate yourself from natural law or divine intelligence. You are amazingly and magnificently made. You don’t have to push or create the river. The river of well being or Grace… is already there for you. It is already done.

YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW. Stay OUT of HOW HELL by saying “I don’t know how…but I know it is good. Source has this already figured out!”

Believe the impossible dream. If your dream doesn’t feel impossible, it is not big enough. You do not ask for too much you ask for too little.

“Ye ask, and receive not because ye ask amiss” James 4: 3.

Amiss means weak or small. Ask for more…ask big. Do not ask to just “get through,” ask to be transformed, and awakened to JOY. Do not ask just to make it to the next paycheck…. ask to prosper and live in the overflow.

Your dreams are written on your heart by God. Everyone has a gift within them and a divine purpose. Everyone is intuitive and can tap into the Infinite Creative mind if they only get still and open. Depression is repression of the greatness within you. It is time to let it out.

Barbra White

Barbra is a compassionate gifted intuitive, and holistic therapist. Mentoring, healing sessions and training are available. 734-455-1438


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