Pulling Together

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by Eve Wilson

Humans are complex beings. Within us, we have so many potentials that can pull us in different directions unless we train them to pull together! Our minds have ideas that could be judgments we learned from others or maybe led by our intuition. Our hearts have feelings that can be darkened by hurts or jealousies or may be radiant lights of unconditional love. Our egos may be confident or insecure, or both at once! Our will might be directed by love, sexuality, insecurity, greed or generosity, anger, longing, or compassion. Our physical bodies can be pulled by hunger, strength, raw energy, fear, anxiety, or pleasure. And don’t forget our spirit! It could be our Higher Self or a lower spirit that influences us. So many impulses and so many opportunities for self-mastery!

How can we get all these elements pulling together for the greater good?

Each moment we choose who we will be and what we will do. But often, that choice involves stuffing lower impulses to show up the way we need to for ourselves, jobs, and relationships. When we stuff things, it divides us inside, but just letting it all out can be destructive.
Here is an alternative based on two important potentials we hold:

1 – The first and most essential is an open heart. The heart I refer to is your heart chakra, which unites our spiritual essence with our body. The heart chakra is one of 7 primary chakras within our personal auras. It is an interface between the Higher Self and all the different elements of our human self. You could think of it as a mediator of the differences. It is also a transformer – releasing negativity and attracting unconditional love. Through the open heart, all our ideas, desires, and potential can be integrated to pull together for our greater good.

Following your open heart is the first requirement for experiencing a unified impulse of life. When your heart is open to your Higher Self, following your heart is following your destiny and true purpose. It may surprise you how right that feels, though it may be different than you thought. Sometimes, it may be hard or uncomfortable, though always leading to a greater good. Learn to recognize the impulse that guides your true purpose by practicing living in unity with Higher Self through your open heart. At first, it may seem subtle, but it will grow stronger with consistent attention.

2 – Welcome your Higher Self to work with your human self to co-create your life!

  • Centering in your heart chakra in the middle of your chest, let your heart’s core of unconditional love fill your body and aura in every direction to its perimeter, about an arm’s length from your body.
  • Welcome your body, emotions, ego, mind, and willpower to all be enfolded in unconditional love.
  • Welcome your Higher Self to flow through that open heart to incarnate into your wholeness.
  • Ask that it invites all parts of you to be in harmony with higher purpose and greatest good.
  • Honor the different gifts that each part of you brings – all are essential.
  • Allow higher intelligence and unconditional love of your Higher Self through your open heart to guide all aspects of yourself to fulfill their true purpose.

These are big intentions, but with persistence, a positive light fills and flows into your life, helping you co-create each moment, circumstance, or relationship. Imagine your life as a wheel. The hub is your Higher Self, and each spoke is a different facet of you all pulling that wheel together in a smooth flow of love and true purpose. Around your waist, there is a hub that, when you center there, you can feel the wholeness of all parts of you.

Living within your wholeness requires being in your body, not just in your head; otherwise, it won’t work.

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