Ready to Ignite Your Rebel Spirit?


During the Rwanda Genocide it was the local gang member called Regan that stood up for the Tutis being killed. It was not a church going, law abiding citizen that stopped the babies and women from being killed. Why does it take a rebel spirit to choose love…and take action?

It takes a rebel spirit to love, because many times this choice means going against societal obsessions to get revenge, be right, or dominate. Choosing love is a radical act of personal responsibility because it invites a metabolizing of limiting subconscious beliefs that shape ones identity. Opening to the magnificence and brilliance within, requires throwing your current self-identity into the fire of love. Most choose comfort and security, over real freedom and joy.

If we have not taken a deep dive into our core cultural and family beliefs we will naturally respond from our programming in times of stress. We don’t realize there is no such thing as neutral. If we don’t actively look within daily, then other people’s thoughts and feelings will fill our space. Our unexamined perceptions shape our reality and effect our biology (epigenetics).

Seeing the omni-presence of God starts with how we see ourselves. Seeing one’s own innocence requires a shift in perception from duality to non-duality. (Duality: black-white, wrong-right, human-divine, you-me. Non-duality: a love that includes all things.) Non-dual perception requires a courageous humble look into one’s heart.

Non-duality is an awareness that God IS all things. Embodying non-duality takes inner work. “The old testament and many other wisdom traditions declare God IS all things,” says Father Richard Rhor. Our hate, pain, and violence are actually different expressions of God. God is either ‘omni’ meaning all and everywhere, or not. It is radical to accept that nothing within you can be separate from God.

There is no logic to hate. The heart unites, the mind divides. Hate seen from the heart (non-duality) will allow you to see the harmony in it. Hate seen from the heart actually inspires you to serve others. Stuck in duality, a person is fighting at the level of conditions, and unknowingly empowering the problem. Grounded in non-dual love, a person has the capacity to act and think from a broader perspective.

Loving all parts of oneself radically shifts people out of wrestling with circumstance. Non-dual love is not weak or mushy. Opening to loving all parts of oneself, you become the solution and hold a vibrational set point of possibility.

While supporting a family member who is in the public mental health system, I was reminded that what I teach is so counter-culture. When asked by the traditional psychologist why my family member is the way she is, I rattled off all the traumas and parental influence. The doctor then looked me in the eye and said, “Why are you not sick!?” I replied, “Because I am not my past, nor the wounds from my past. I believe healing is possible.” To which the doctor gave me a disagreeing “umph.”

I then asked if there were supportive groups that my family member could access. The doctor then looked at my family member and identified the family member as her illness by saying, “I have 30 years of experience, the mental disease will just get worse.” The doctor did not see my family member as a person, and certainly not as a Soul having a human experience. Where was Love or God in this session? Why was my family member being identified as her illness?

We can only give what we let ourselves receive. This is why continual self-love and inner work is a huge gift to those around you. If a person who is “helping” does not see someone from a non-dual perspective, they are doing harm. This is independent of what healing modality they are using.

Sixteen years ago I did not know what a rebel I was being by writing and teaching about self acceptance. Recently finding a dance picture of myself at seven years of age, I guess I always had a tendency to not follow peer pressure (I’m the one with the attitude on the right). But, it wasn’t until two near-death experiences and life “shattering me open” in my early twenties, that I was able to see that God was not just in all things…God was ALL things. In my awareness that no-thing was separate from God, people began to spontaneously heal. At first, I thought I was some type of special healer. Then I realized we ALL have the power to heal another, or hurt another, based on how we see ourselves.

After facilitating 40,000 Self Acceptance Process session hours with others, and real life application, the Self Acceptance Process Certification Course was born. The S.A.P. course, now in its tenth year, has “mid-wifed” many into an embodied non-dual love, and opened people to their Soul’s gifts. S.A.P. course is for deep seekers who have hit a glass ceiling and who are wondering “Isn’t there more?” The S.A.P. course is for those seeking personal growth, budding healers, and/or medical professionals seeking to bring a transpersonal approach to their clients. The S.A.P. course gives you practical, down to earth ways to becoming a tuning fork of change, and ignite healing on the planet.

We only need a small percentage of the population to shift into a non-dual love to effect the environment, politics and general population. The abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and the civil rights movement did NOT happen from the majority consensus. A small minority of people calling upon their rebel spirit can make a big change. Are you willing to be a rebel for love today? Yes? Then choose to fully and completely love all parts of yourself.


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