Receive More to Give More — Gratitude for Who You Are


You can only give what you receive. Be willing right now, to open to immense gratitude for the brilliance, beauty, and possibility that you are. Stop believing the lies, stories, and limiting patterns. The universe made you in an exquisite divine design. As you accept your innate brilliance you activate it in others. It is humble to accept your inner genius because it affirms you are not your own maker. Try to make something of yourself in this world and you will lose yourself. You are already something.

You are already whole. Take time every day to act, move and speak from this wholeness and you will live a more joy-filled, fulfilled life… because you started from wholeness. Your intent shapes the outcome. Start from wholeness and you will get more wholeness. Start your day from trying to ‘fix’ yourself or make something of yourself, and you will only create more brokenness. Start your day from your already present wholeness, and more wholeness will be revealed.

Self-acceptance right now is a radical shift from outward orientation to inward. We have been conditioned to ‘make sure we are alright’ from continual outside checkpoints. Feeling good in your own skin, being impressed with yourself, and living from your center is a 180-degree shift from the world’s conditioning.

Your worth is already given. Just as a tree is already a tree, you are already you. ‘You’, the personality of ‘You’, has just forgotten this. Like a tree forgetting it is a tree. This is why many Eastern traditions call the growth process ‘waking up.’ You wake up to the YOU that is always there.

If you try to find you, you will be continually chasing a moving target. Many people create an ‘ideal self’ that will never be achieved. The ‘You’ that you are seeking, is actually right here, right now. Your real confidence cannot be achieved, because it is already within you. This is why the process of stepping into real confidence that cannot be taken away or stolen by the world requires deep letting go or self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is the process, or doorway in which you step into your Real Genius Self, Soul, True Self, Higher Self, or Essence (names for the same thing). Until you embrace self-acceptance, you are fighting with the things you don’t like, but you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing. You are unknowingly fighting with these things by trying to fix, heal, or manage them.

For example, you have been taught by the world to manage your anxiety, repress your negativity, or control your weight. You are caught in a cycle of trying to fix yourself and you don’t even realize it. Much of healing work, personal growth work, or spiritual advancement is a disguise to not change. Accepting yourself as you are, allowing yourself to feel completely to the edge of a feeling will produce insights into your Real Genius Self. Actions with even hints of trying to avoid or fix your interiority will only provide temporary relief. This is why you feel you are re-creating the same life, while you are working so hard to heal.

Self-Acceptance Process is a doorway, tool or bridge into your True Self. If you are continually having to re-love the same issue, it’s because you are in a painful process of just managing your limitations. Real self-acceptance, or life-changing transformation, is a penetrating shedding to who and what you have always been. Self-love means loving the parts of you (patterns, fears, doubts, addictions) that you would rather repress, deny, or project on others. Surrendering to your innate Genius Self and what wants to dream through you, starts and ends with self-acceptance. The Real You is waiting to be lived.

It is truly my joy to support you in self-love. It would be a delight to see you at the Self Acceptance Process Workshop, every 3rd Thursday, 7-9pm, in Northville. Also, the Self Acceptance Process and Healer Training classes are forming for 2019!

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