You Deserve MORE Love, Not Less. Self-Love opens us…to us


by Barbra White

When we feel connected to Self and Life, we feel loved. When we feel separate, violence towards ourselves, others, animals, and the Earth is an attempt to get the power and dignity back; we perceive we are lacking in the moment. You deserve more love, not less, when triggered.  

Humility invites perception shifts or revelation to the inter-web of connection between Self, each other, and more than the human world. When we become little enough, naked and honest with ourselves, we ironically feel big…connected……enough. 

An Inward glance of compassion for our pain plugs us back. At its core, the pain is not from the “other,” but rather from our defensive withhold…to ourselves, than ‘other,’ and to Life.

We resist connection to “prevent” future pain but all the while wilting inside 🌱 Connecting to Self, Nature, and Life is a courageous yield because connection means letting go of the current known reality. 

We know our stories and current perceptions. Opening up to your True Self is a process of letting go.  

We fall back into connection with a little faith to let go of our perceived protectors and false padding. 

What we perceive as lacking in another is what we are unwilling to give. Express to feel Love as you, not approval or security, and you will experience yourself. 

Giving Love ONLY to love as you is a reclamation of Self. Compassion towards yourself and others awakens you to your broader self-identity. 

Inward permission to express Love- opens us…to us…and to Life.

 “We are never upset for the reason we think” ACIM 

Healing is a revelation of your essential wholeness and a byproduct of your expanded consciousness. Returning to Love, you return to your True Self. Instead of the mind games of hierocracy, superiority, or inferiority, yield to the connections waiting to be felt.

 Let go to the You and the Connections that have always been 

🍃Nature, Life, and your True Brilliant Self wait to hold you, Love You. Need You. All Beings Are Holy.  



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